Built to Move

- The 10 Essential Habits to Help you Move Freely and Live Fully

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"The definitive guide for building an all-round healthy and high-performing body and mind."

Andrew Huberman, professor of neuroscience, Stanford University, and host of the Huberman Lab podcast

The sit-and-rise test that can predict your likely lifespan

The one-leg balance that indicates your risk of being seriously injured in a fall

The floor-sit and squat moves that could reduce your chance of arthritic hip pain by up to 90%

Your body is built to move, but do you know how to give it what it needs for lifelong strength and mobility?

After decades spent working with pro-athletes and Olympians, mobility pioneers Kelly and Juliet Starrett began thinking about the physical wellbeing of the rest of us. What makes a durable human at any age? How do we continue to feel great and function well as we grow older in a world of technology-dependence and sedentary living?

The answers lie in a simple formula for basic mobility maintenance: 10 tests + 10 physical practices = 10 ways to make your body work better. These tests involve no cardio, no strength training and are achievable at any fitness level.

Organised around ten assessments and ten physical practices that anyone can do, Built to Move is designed to improve the way your body feels - less stiffness! fewer aches and pains! - and boost the overall quality of your life, no matter how you spend your time.

This book is your game plan for the long game.

"There is no body this book will not revolutionise."

Melissa Urban, cofounder of Whole30

"My dream come true - a way to get ahead of injuries before they happen."

Christopher McDougall, bestselling author of Born to Run

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