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Beyond Flour 2: A Fresh Approach to Gluten-Free Cooking & Baking


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Beyond Flour 2: A Fresh Approach to Gluten-Free Cooking & Baking
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  1. Beskrivelse

    Imagine gluten-free foods that are as good - or better! - than their traditional, gluten-filled counterparts. Imagine no longer settling for foods with bizarre after-tastes, gummy consistency, and/or cardboard texture.


    If you’ve cooked from “Beyond Flour”, you already know that these fantasies can be reality - it’s all in the development of the recipes.


    Marie Porter takes a unique approach: developing gluten-free recipes from scratch, custom blending alternative flours as individual ingredients of a recipe, rather than using an “all purpose” mix.  When flavours, textures, and other properties of flours are used in proper proportions - along with supporting ingredients and techniques - the results can be fantastic! The food that you will make from the recipes contained in this book will be good food, on its own. You will not need to qualify any compliments with “... for a gluten free dish”.


    The thing is, flour is only one ingredient. Recipes aren’t about one ingredient, they’re about how multiple ingredients and techniques work together to create a whole. To merely swap out the flour for a standard mix of alternate flours is to ignore all of the ways supporting ingredients - and techniques - can be utilized to create something that you actually want to eat, rather than a mediocre facsimile of what you REALLY want.


    Every gluten-free flour out there has unique characteristics - protein content, flavour, elasticity, structure, absorption. As with all cooking, it’s all about balancing flavours and other properties... and proportion.


    Think about it:


    - BAGELS.

    - Graham crackers that taste just like the real thing.

    - Crisp, flaky crackers...without the sandy texture.

    - Hybrid tortillas that: look and act like flour tortillas, with the taste of fresh roasted corn!

    - Chewy, delicious cookies that *everyone* will want to eat!

    - Never having to present a dish with an apology for it being gluten-free.

    - Indulging some of your deepest, darkest guilty pleasure cravings... safely and joyously!


    Beyond Flour 2 picks up where “Beyond Flour” left off, showing that these gluten-free food fantasies can be reality!


    Make no mistake - this is NOT a healthy cookbook. You will find yourself gorging on foods that you thought would never cross your lips again. You'll probably gain some weight, and you'll definitely need to learn how to defend your gluten-free food from invasion by your non-gluten-free friends and family. (Well, or make enough for everyone!)

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