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Zeki and the Space Cadets Volume 1

- The Dream of Space


Zeki and the Space Cadets Volume 1
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Bog, paperback (kr. 84,95) (kr. 98,75)
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Bog, paperback
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  1. Beskrivelse

    The year is 2150; the Galaxy is a haven for Alien Pirate Ninja Squirrels, but our home Planet Earth is still holding out against the dreaded General Cussler and his group of Alien Pirate Ninja Squirrels. Our planet's only hope against these impending invaders are a group of sprightly young Space cadets, a team of boys and girls between the ages of seven and sixteen, training in the arts of Monkey Kung-Fu and Cat-Kwon-Do, and with the technical knowledge in operating the new 'C' shaped Space fighter. That hope is fading fast. The days and nights of constant fighting, the battles became fiercer, and with the threat of war encroaching make one boys dream of becoming a Space cadet and follow in his family's footsteps more and more a reality. Our adventurer on this journey is an eight-year-old smart but shy boy. Zeki is accompanied on his adventure by a five-year-old talking tabby cat 'Muffin'. Zeki wants to become the youngest cadet to enrol from his family into the Earth cadet elite. However, an incident makes his dream become a reality when he follows in his Father's footsteps, who sadly was squashed by a giant spider-bear rampage back on exo-planet Banjospider 9 while fighting for freedom in the Mutant Fish wars of 2139-2146. Zeki knows that something inside him urges him to fight for freedom and justice, pushing for the saviour of the Planet and entire Universe. He knows his destiny belongs to the stars. There has been a disturbance in the little village of Loopyluna Villa in the heart of England where he, his mother, and Muffin the talking cat quietly live. This is where our story begins. Follow Zeki in the first part of his quest to become a Space cadet and his adventures in Space while confronting the evil General Cussler with his band of Alien Pirate Ninja Squirrel bandits and Mutant slave army and to save the Universe, and Earth from total annihilation. Good luck cadets. Signing Off Commander Ian Hughes

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