Under Cover

- Secrets of the Fox Willow Quilters

  • Format
  • Bog, paperback
  • Engelsk
  • 304 sider


Synopsis Six women + six earth-shattering secrets + 1 small town + twelve hunters -- some friendly, some menacing = one heck of a novel The Secrets of the Fox Willow the Quilters is a lighthearted mystery. Rachel went undercover as Lily Mandike. She busted a drug ring and is now hunted by two gangsters. One orders "shoot on sight" -- the other "capture alive." Now in the witness protection program, Rachel becomes Ruby and opens the "Gems and Jams" Bed and Breakfast Inn. Amber's folks were active in the French underground in World War II, exposing Amber to danger, which still follows her. Pearl's secret is so deep no one is searching for her -- or so she believes Opal led has never told her husband or children of her time in prison. Jade's past as a lady of the night is a cloudy memory. May her husband and her son never know Crystal, running from her sadistic husband, gets off the bus at Fox Willow. She plans to stay overnight to shower and buy clothes. Instead she finds a refuge, and becomes the sixth member of the Queen Bee Quilters. These ladies each have a preference in the type of quilt they create. Each preference is symbolic of their deep, dark secret. The hunters are held at bay for 10 glorious years. Then like dominoes, when one hunter relocates his prey, the others follow in hot pursuit. A demented ex-gestapo is followed by Israeli patriots. An obsessed gangster, two stoned bank robbers, a private eye in oversized RV, a deranged murderer looking for blood, and ex--john up in a tree -- all converge at a surprise party which is true to its name. Join the action Watch out for falling bodies

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  • SprogEngelsk
  • Sidetal304
  • Udgivelsesdato25-11-2009
  • ISBN139781449549510
  • Forlag Createspace
  • FormatPaperback
  • Udgave0
Størrelse og vægt
  • Vægt408 g
  • Dybde1,6 cm
  • coffee cup img
    10 cm
    book img
    15,2 cm
    22,8 cm

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