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Transfer Pricing for Financial Institutions


Transfer Pricing for Financial Institutions
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    1. Beskrivelse

      A cutting-edge study of transfer pricing in the increasingly competitive financial services sector. It examines the many issues involved and suggests different techniques for establishing efficient transfer pricing systems. This book is essential reading for all organisations that raise and loan funds in the global markets.

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        Establishing and maintaining effective transfer pricing policies is a key challenge in today's increasingly competitive international financial services sector. There are numerous issues involved, from the requirements of shareholders and risk management to the allocation of capital. There are also many different techniques for establishing efficient transfer pricing systems within an organisation. This illuminating handbook provides a thorough introduction to transfer pricing and its uses within financial organisations, as well as a clear analysis of all the issues involved. Transfer pricing is so complex and variable that there can be no definitive blueprint for success: however, in this book John Smullen has provided a vital contribution to the debate and a much-needed clarification of this important topic. Some of the areas covered:What transfer pricing is and why it is usedWhy transfer prices are so appropriate for financial institutionsWhy each organisation needs to approach the introduction of transfer prices differentlyHow transfer pricing works in commercial organisationsThe different types of transfer priceSpecific analysis of the transfer pricing of funds, capital and derivativesHow to evaluate risk adjusted performance measuresThe complexities of estimating marginal costs and revenuesA framework for understanding the motivation of shareholders, managers and regulatorsHow transfer pricing works as part of management information strategyThis lucid and authoritative handbook will help you to:Understand the different techniques used in transfer pricingEstablish transfer prices in line with your organisation's strategy and objectivesMake sound decisions, minimise risk and achieve better outcomesThis is a book for people involved in raising and loaning funds in today's global markets who wants to understand the issues involved in transfer pricing and the techniques required. It will be used by banking, investment, insurance and other financial organisations worldwide.

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