The Wholeness Work Essential Guide - Level I

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After a physical breakdown when she thought she might be dying, renowned NLP innovator and teacher Connirae Andreas began to "model" the spiritual teaching of the Indian sage Ramana Maharshi.

With her discovery of how to find the 'i' in experience, she created what would become a revolutionary methodology of inner transformation and healing-the Wholeness Work.

The processes she reveals in this book give you access to gentle, yet profound processes to transform stress into inner peace, heal emotional wounds, improve relationships, experience better sleep, improve creativity, and even work with physical complaints.

How does it work? Andreas maps out here the "universal structures of the unconscious" that hold stress and emotional reactivity in place. By practicing Wholeness Work, you'll first learn a practical way to "dissolve the ego" or the limited self. This makes "awakening" accessible to us all. And the good news is that when we understand how to do it, problems and stress begin melting away. And that's just the beginning.

The practices you'll learn in this book have already been tested with thousands of people, and a growing community of international coaches and trainers is already delivering this work.

Discover for yourself this kind and loving form of self-nourishment that results in a gradual awakening of you as the true Self that you are.

CONNIRAE ANDREAS, PhD has been teaching personal transformation methods for over four decades. Her groundbreaking work, Core Transformation, which uses limitations as a doorway to profound states of "love," "peace," and "oneness."


"I feel like I've struck gold...when I encounter fresh and enlightening practices, such as those Connirae Andreas reveals in her Wholeness Work."

Tara Brach, PhD, author of Radical Acceptance, Radical Compassion and Trusting the Gold. "I've long admired Connirae Andreas's work. In this new book, she takes us into the most profound territory yet. We learn to access states of being that mystics extol in poetry. We discover that the gateways to that awareness are our difficulties. When we dissolve our shame and our longing for what's missing in our lives, peace, and open heartedness naturally arise. Her method, Wholeness Work, is straightforward and direct. It works!"

Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul(R) series and The Success Principles "As I read this book, I began to feel a big "joy." I have practiced eight forms of psychotherapy, 10 different forms of eastern meditation, and have spent seven years in monasteries and seminaries. Core Transformation and the Wholeness Work being developed by Connirae Andreas are the most effective self-actualization tools I have seen in my 60 years of personal and professional practice."

Frank Bourke PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Research Scientist and Cornell Lecturer "Dr. Andreas provides here practical, step-by-step formulas that anyone can apply for reducing suffering at its root. The techniques she lays out move us closer to the timeless spiritual ambition of dissolving the ego and coming back in contact with the preciousness of Life."

Dr. Yoni K. Ashar, Assistant Professor, University of Colorado School of Medicine, Director of the Pain and Emotion Research Laboratory "As the research and writings of Dr. Jung have shown us, the deep aim and problem of the maturing psyche today is to recover wholeness. So when pathways emerge that support this journey of the soul then my heart leaps with joy. When we bring our human presence and touch to those spaces in us and the world that are in a way held captive, we heal and we grow. Thank you, Connirae, for your contribution. I am so proud to walk the path with you."

Judith Delozier, international trainer, co-developer, and designer of training programs in the field of NLP since 1975

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