The Syrian Implication

- A Tom Stone Thriller


The Syrian Implication
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Bog, paperback
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  1. Beskrivelse

    Synopsis for - The Syrian Implication by Phill Ingham. Steve Finch and his team are seasoned SAS operators just back from a hard routine operation in the Bad Lands of Syria and in much need of some serious RNR. Major Saint John the Head of UK Special Forces can't afford to let his men rest and calls the team in for an emergency meeting, a known terrorist has been spotted in the UK and needs lifting for MI5, but just as the team are about to grab Khalid all hell breaks loose, huge explosions rip through the newly built elegant buildings in London's docklands. Steve Finch and Mark Jones are positioned on top of the first tower hit by the explosions. With no chance of escape the two SAS operators go down with the tower in a falling mass of rubble and steel. Finch survives battered and bruised and full of hate at the loss of his best friend Finch now wants revenge. The target 'Khalid' had set the Special Forces team up by using his contacts in MI5, but all is not as it seems. Khalid wants to start production of his highly advanced weapons with the help of his new backer Alexander Meeks, a billionaire arms dealer who is playing Khalid for a fool. The only thing Alex is after is the vial containing the Evolution Serum a liquid capable of increasing a humans heeling, speed and recovery abilities, but its hidden inside Khalid's secret vault. Alex is a master of misdirection and subterfuge, with a top CIA and MI6 agent in his pocket, along with the new British Prime Minister, his plans start to come together by way of a corrupt former MI6 agent who sends an undercover agent in to wipe Steve Finch out along with his team. Two new faces are brought into the unit just before the mission starts, Sgt Charles Fox 'Delta Force' and Tom Stone a world class assassin, this instantly changes the dynamics of the mission. Casting a wave of mistrust and doubt throughout the small Special Forces unit. As they infiltrate into Syria they realise they have been double crossed as a missile slams into the huge C130 air transporter, as the aircraft bursts into flames the Special Forces unit have no choice but to pile into the two pickups and use the pull-chutes to make their escape. Having survived the fall what's left of them make their escape across country in the one remaining pickup. With the Syrian's in hot pursuit they find themselves under fire and running low on bullets. Stone has a secret, 5 years ago Alex had injected him with a neat version of the Evolution serum which has now made him nearly indestructible. Stone offers to help Finch find the man behind all the mayhem once they make it back to the UK. With the assault going horribly wrong and the loss of coms Finch suddenly realises what has been going on and what has happened over the past 48 hours. With a corrupt Delta Force hot on his heels; a bleeding and near death Finch lays battered and exhausted in the falling lift, all his friends are dead, his reputation is in tatters. Tom Stone is in shock at the realisation of what Alex has done, betrayed and in shock he drops to his knees, a broken man in a broken world. Nothing is ever what it seems...

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    707 g
    27 mm
    152 mm
    228 mm
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