The Molecules of Life

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This textbook provides an integrated physical and biochemical foundation for undergraduate students majoring in biology or health sciences. It is particularly suitable for students planning to enter the pharmaceutical industry. This new generation of molecular biologists and biochemists will harness the tools and insights of physics and chemistry to exploit the emergence of genomics and systems-level information in biology, and will shape the future of medicine.

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  • SprogEngelsk
  • Sidetal1032
  • Udgivelsesdato25-07-2012
  • ISBN139780815341888
  • Forlag Ww Norton & Co
  • FormatPaperback
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    Evolution DNA Cancer Drug Chemistry Oxidation-reduction reaction Replication Gaussian distribution Photosynthesis Transcription Acid-base equilibrium Pascal's triangle Myelination Therapeutics Viscosity Gibbs' free energy Bioinformatics Biosynthesis Mitochondria Fluorescence microscopy Stereochemistry Proteomics Statistics Imatinib RNA Binomial distribution Creatine kinase Gel electrophoresis Multiplicity Nucleic acid Protein Structure Quinone Fibroblast Growth Factor Enthalpy Neuroscience Sequence alignment Protein Probability Translation Attraction Electrochemical cell A-Form Coiled Coil Affinity Tertiary structure Peptide Pyrimidine Heat transfer Micelle Hydrogen bond Partition function Peptide bond MRNA Flavin Nucleotide Collapse Active transport Retrovirus Scoring matrix Allostery Hydrophobic interaction TRNA Isomer Cable Equation Glycerophospholipid Helmholtz free energy Friction factor Secondary structure Purine Free energy Depolarization Standard deviation Amino acid Chaperone Inhibitor Double helix Ribosome Transition state theory Reaction rate Acetylation Diffusion Constant Rossmann Fold alcohol group amino acid substitution score amphipathic anomeric linkage association constant binary event bisphospgoglycerate B-form Alpha Helix bound ligand calorimetric measurement catalytic site chemical work conductance coaxial base stacking BLOSUM Matrix combusion reaction cyclic sugar competitive inhibitor cis conformation collision rate caliometric measurement detergent Electrostatic interaction Fick's second law fold-recognition algorithm Gene fractional occupancy conformational change glycan GroEL chaperonin Hill coefficient Hydrophobic core Henderson-Hasselbalch equation Dissociation constant interatomic interaction EF-Tu Isothermal Expansion ionic interaction Morse potential Metal Ion Michaelis Constant microstate Minor Groove non competitive inhibitor noncovalent interaction gene sequence potassium pump pseudoknots polymeric structure positive cooperativity induced-fit binding Greek Key Motif proton concentration SH2 Domain Selectivity filter resting membrane potential Stirling's Approximation reversible reaction linking energy heat capacity heptad pattern retinal reverse rate constant logarithm of the multiplicity Stokes-Einstein equation sugar pucker Torsion Angle substitution score major groove Supercoiling Watson-Crick model thermodynamic hypothesis zero-order reaction Z-form ligand concentration molar free energy loop segment nonstandard base pairing Reaction Quotient T state unbound ligand R state van der Waals interaction tetraloop wobble base pair three dimensional random walk Ramachandran diagram voltage propagation ribose ring Scatchard analysis Sidechain simple sugar two dimensional random walk

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