The Itinerary

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The Itinerary, a Christian historical fiction of Jesus in the wilderness

Did you ever wonder what transpired during the mysterious forty days Jesus spent alone in the wilderness after his baptism? Uncover the untold story in The Itinerary, a captivating Christian historical fiction that weaves fact and fiction into a modern-day narrative.

The Wilderness Sojourn: A Journey of Solitude, Temptations, and Divine Revelation

Are you ready to journey alongside Jesus as he faces solitude, fasting, prayer, and the relentless temptations of Satan? In this arid and desolate landscape, Jesus is not alone; he finds companionship in unexpected forms, including ravens forming a smiley face in the sky and an Arabian Leopard watching over his slumber.

Hunger, thirst, and fatigue relentlessly assail him, pushing him to the brink of delusion. Yet, with unwavering strength from within, Jesus prevails with the help of his Heavenly Father. Through fervent prayers, he reminisces about the glory of his heavenly home and the creation of the universe.

Divine Discourse and the Blueprint of Redemption: Unraveling Jesus's Ministry in the Wilderness

As the days pass, Jesus embarks on a profound dialogue with God, revisiting the lives of Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and many more. He finds comfort in memories of his family, especially his mother, Mary, as he wrestles with homesickness and loneliness and enjoys a visit from an unexpected visitor. Attempts from the enemy try to deter him from Elohim's plan.

In a divine encounter, God reveals the blueprint for Jesus's ministry on Earth, unfolding a grand plan filled with miracles, parables, and the ultimate sacrifice. But as the forty days draw to a close, the god of this world launches his final desperate attempts to steer Jesus away from his divine purpose.

The Itinerary: An Unforgettable Journey of Faith, Love, and Spirituality in the Wilderness

Are you prepared to embark on this extraordinary literary odyssey, witnessing the intimate moments between Jesus and his Heavenly Father, and experiencing the profound love story that changed the world forever? In 'The Itinerary,' explore the uncharted territories of faith, resilience, and spiritual growth filled with the power of God as Jesus emerges from the wilderness, ready to change history and lead humanity towards salvation.

Before the ministry started, there was The Itinerary.

If you like The Chosen, then you will enjoy The Itinerary.

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  • SprogEngelsk
  • Sidetal168
  • Udgivelsesdato05-09-2023
  • ISBN139798987800478
  • Forlag Anthony Ordille
  • FormatPaperback
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