Smack-dab, in the Middle of Nowhere: A post-apocalyptic comedy novel

  • Format
  • Bog, hæftet
  • Engelsk
  • 318 sider


"Pratchetty humour with a hack n slash edge."

"Smack-dab struck me most with just how well it balances comedy with the gritty frankness of life after the apocalypse."

"Colourful characters and seriously funny plot." - Amazon Reviewers * * * "Smack-dab, in the Middle of Nowhere" is a post-apocalyptic comedy novel about a grumpy bar owner desperately trying to save her home and livelihood from the perils of the Waste - perils like bandits, tax, and...tourism? Think Terry Pratchett meets "Fallout", but not as good as either. * * * "Bert'd be damned if this bar did anything other than thrive. Smack-dab would prosper, or she'd shoot folk until it did." Bert is the takes-no-crap bar owner of Smack-dab, a struggling tavern halfway from nowhere to nowhere else. All around her is the barren, post-apocalyptic Waste, a terrifying place plagued by villainous bandits, ravenous monsters, and Things that go bump in the night (and also eat you). The Waste is in turmoil. Lord Ash has been overthrown, replaced by a terrifyingly powerful giant hell-bent on taxing anyone and everyone that can help fund his devious master plan. Smack-dab is threatened with total destruction, but Bert has a plan of her own. Can she rally enough help to fend off the bandits? Strange and hilarious, "Smack-dab, in the Middle of Nowhere" is the fresh new face of the post-apocalypse, even if that face has more creepy mutant eyes than you expected.

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  • SprogEngelsk
  • Sidetal318
  • Udgivelsesdato16-12-2017
  • ISBN139780473417208
  • Forlag Sillygoose
  • Nummer i serien1
  • FormatHæftet
  • Udgave0
Størrelse og vægt
  • Vægt472 g
  • Dybde1,8 cm
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    10 cm
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    15,2 cm
    22,9 cm

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