Sacred Pathways Bible Study Guide

- Nine Ways to Connect with God

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Discover new ways of connecting with God by understanding how he uniquely created you to worship him. The Sacred Pathways video study will help you learn:

How you naturally express yourself in your relationship with GodHow to develop new ways of drawing near to himKey biblical figures who share your spiritual temperamentHow to understand others who connect with the Creator differentlyAs believers in Christ, many of us today fall into the trap of thinking we have to approach God in a certain way. But our Creator made us all unique, and he designed us to connect with him in our own ways. For some, this might look like quiet contemplation. Others express praise through caregiving or theological discussions. It's important to discover the particular pathway that will best help you to experience God's presence.

Bestselling author and speaker Gary Thomas reveals nine distinct spiritual temperaments to give you insight into how you naturally worship and how your personal walk with God might look different from those around you.

Unlike the Enneagram and other personality assessment tools, Sacred Pathways gives you tools to investigate how you naturally relate to God. You will discover the strengths and impulses in your devotional approach so that you can eliminate the barriers that keep you locked into scripted methods of worship and praise.

There is one thing that each of us as Christians can do that nobody else can--give our personal love and affection to God.

This Study Guide includes:

Discussion questions, reflection questions, and a personal assessment test to discover your pathwayPersonal Bible study for between sessionsA guide with best practices for leading groupsSessions include:

The Journey of the Soul – Introduction to the PathwaysPathways of Wonder – the Naturalist, Sensate, and TraditionalistPathways of Contemplation – the Intellectual, Ascetic, and ContemplativePathways of Action – the Caregiver, Activist, and EnthusiastTending the Garden of the Soul – How the Pathways Apply to Your LifeDesigned for use with the Sacred Pathways Video Study available on DVD or streaming video, sold separately.   

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