Rambunctious ... Ten Tales of Twisted Travel and Tangled Thought

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  • Bog, paperback
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Expect exotic travel and many laughs as the breezy episodes of Rambunctious transport you to London, Paris, and Amsterdam; to Beijing and Bangkok; to the far-flung islands of Hawaii, Pohnpei, Tuvalu, and Fiji; and ultimately to Terra Incognita.These worldly romps are recorded in an avant garde style and resemble the realm of Hunter S. Thompson if he happened to be a world traveler and not an obstreperous scribe. These tales are 'Blip Stories, ' quick reads of entertainment and thought and they read like Gonzo literature.Included with each tale is a joke stolen from a well-known humorist, and at the end of each tale, the joke and humorist are noted. Guessing which joke in the story was stolen, and from whom, is the game to play while luxuriating in these locales.Whether you are a sophisticate looking for new travel destinations, a vagabond looking for tips on how to 'go native, ' or an admirer of tales that take one in new directions, you'll find this book a destination for a most peculiar part of your soul. The fruitful way to start a journey is to select an array of gifts for the locals you will encounter. A simple, inexpensive, and interesting offering will open hearts that draw one into fascinating connections everywhere around the globe. For going native with tribal folk, there are no better gifts with which to energize the experience than pinwheels and super balls.Another way to connect with locals is to use the universal language of humor. Simply speak a little local language but in surprising ways. To help you go native, create jokes from phrasebook phrases. In France, that means saying, "Merci beaucoup, whatever that means." Do say it all in French language-with a broken accent. Need to use the bathroom? Pull out the phrasebook and learn the local lingo for the phrase, "Where is the bathroom going?" Yes, mix it up a little, have some fun. The locals will get a laugh, then they will point you to the bathroom. Humor is a language spoken by all of the peoples of the world, and this is the spine of the book. But, look out Look out for the Sentinelese people on North Sentinel Island of the Andaman Islands. Their sense of humor is upside-down. Do not go to visit these people, they will murder you on the dock-local custom and all. No, we are not kidding.An easy click acquires this treasure of travel, one that will arrive with a bonus-a spy spoof set in the Principality of Monaco and around the globe. And we publishers of this fine book of travel are proud of all, save our arithmetic. There are actually twelve travel stories in this book of ten travel stories. Yes, we've updated Available in Kindle and paperback

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  • SprogEngelsk
  • Sidetal212
  • Udgivelsesdato24-03-2020
  • ISBN139781943177950
  • Forlag Alderhanna Publishing
  • FormatPaperback
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