Paula's Prophecy

- Little English Girl Dreams: Where It All Began


Paula's Prophecy
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Bog, paperback
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To Sarah, growing up in England around American military children, America, "The Land of Milk and Honey," sounds like Paradise. She dreams of immigrating to a place where anything seems possible. Yet life itself seems determined to thwart her...she has a series of death-defying experiences, and several tragic romances that distract her from her dream. Just when all hope seems lost, however, a handsome "Prince Charming," rescues her, and carries her away to the land of her dreams...just as a psychic medium had predicted. Where the mysterious old lady, reading Sarah's cards, refused to tell her of the horrors that were to happen next, the previous suffering Sarah had experienced up until that time was nothing in comparison to what awaited her in America. Abandoning a familiar way of life and starting over again is much harder than she ever dreamed it would be. Dysfunction, domestic violence, and family catastrophe are among the challenges Sarah had faced in her life with much worse to come. Paula's Prophecy, and all of the various volumes that make up this entire nonfiction story, is the compelling and eye-opening story of a woman who strives to cling to a vision, against all odds with all the strength, determination, courage, and never ending endurance that she can conjure up along the way. Follow Sarah in her journey as she attempts to turn the hellacious nightmare of her life back into that fairy story dream she had as a little girl. This story is motivational for those going through horrific times inspiring hope, determination, and a fight for survival while being educational with many life lessons to be learned before mistakes are made, or to rectify those that have already taken place. For young teenagers through to seniors, this book makes the most stimulating story as the reader travels through Sarah's life experiencing the struggle for survival, flee from attempted murder, the courage, determination, regained strength, and the refusal to give up, with moments of romance, happy smiles, and ravenous passion. Her love affairs teach those ready to embark on relationships, those committed for life, and how death can impact everything and everyone it tears into bringing them closer together or ripping them entirely apart. Sarah is a young girl who, despite her demise, fights to smile everyday and continue to make it through alone without help while discarding those evil people she once called friends knowing that, her heartache was caused because they were really her enemies. There are many life stages included in this book with life's lesson depicted in each stage for readers to learn and live by. Readers will follow Sarah through laughter and love with such highs as never before experienced and then take the reader to life's lows that are often to be expected. Maturing, getting married, and raising one's own family, both with a husband, and then in divorce, are all depicted her with an element of courage, survival, a spirit of determination, and a strength to keep going despite the many ups and downs along the way. Remember, this is a true story, potential for a great movie such is the character of the events that have truly taken place. From birth to death, from marriage to the courthouse, from togetherness to going it alone, it all exists in this story for one to be educated and learn by.

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Bog, paperback

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