Nuclear 2.0

- Why a Green Future Needs Nuclear Power

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Everything you thought you knew about nuclear power is wrong. This is just as well, because nuclear energy is essential to avoid catastrophic global warming.While renewables will surely play an important part in our future energy strategy, expecting them to deliver all the world's power is dangerously delusional. In 2014, statistics showed that wind and solar power contributed only 1 per cent of global primary energy. Similarly, while energy saving has a key role to play in the developed world, there is no possibility of humanity as a whole using less energy while the developing world is extracting itself from poverty. And the fact is that the anti-nuclear movement of the 1970s and '80s has made the world more dependent on fossil fuels.In Nuclear 2.0, environmental campaigner Mark Lynas debunks the myths that have cast nuclear energy in a bad light. Often overlooked because of concerns surrounding nuclear waste and radiation poisoning after the Chernobyl disaster, atomic energy is one of the most impressive sources of low-carbon power. In this enlightening read, Mark looks at the science and re-evaluates the situation to unravel why our future is threatened not just by the big fossil-fuel companies, but also the professional anti-nuclear Green groups.This book is a call for all those who want to see a low-carbon future to join forces and advocate a huge, Apollo-Program-scale investment in wind, solar and nuclear power.

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  • SprogEngelsk
  • Sidetal112
  • Udgivelsesdato30-01-2014
  • ISBN139781906860233
  • Forlag UIT Cambridge Ltd.
  • FormatPaperback
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