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Teen age, a time of change, of reflection, of charting new paths. Now, Peter Bennings, 13, can explore his own sexuality and fantasizes sexual encounters with real and imaginary girls, while struggling with his awkwardness in real-life experiences with them. His naiveté locks him in a shell of shyness and immaturity. His first "love," Rhonda, becomes his obsession and gives him his first lesson in lovesickness and losing at love. He remains mystified with social and sexual relations with girls and wonders how he fits in. Why will no one offer answers to his questions or guide him through the maze of confusion? Two things in his life of which he is sure are his desire to be a Microbiologist and his love of music and the drums. Life revolves around his love of science and learning, and he already has plans to attend the local university to fulfill his vision. 

    At 15 Peter's dream of being a Microbiologist vanishes when the school counselor and his mother force him to follow a business track in his high school classes, just like his brothers followed. Why won't anyone listen to what he wants? With one of his dreams shattered, he devotes his energies to becoming a drummer and getting into a rock and roll band. With some maneuvering behind the scenes and help from his lifeguard friend, Nicky, he gets a set of drums and spends his days playing along with his favorite albums and '45's. He's a natural drummer and immediately gets into a band, The Grupe, playing his favorite music from British groups like The Yardbirds and Them. From here on out his life will be devoted to playing drums. School becomes meaningless. His life changes drastically with his new role of being a "musician." In the hallways and at "The Hole" at school, smoking and drinking become a part of his musician "lifestyle" and girls are easier to "conquer."

    At 16, Peter spirals even further into the sex, alcohol, and rock and roll lifestyle, starting his rebellion against those who have shattered his dream - his parents and the school. But his new "image" doesn't guarantee happiness or answers to his questions, and when his brothers total the family car, he's punished by not being allowed to get his driver's license, adding to his frustration with life. His new love, Debby, teaches him about sex and becomes his first "real" conquest, but their relationship is short-lived and causes even more distress for Peter. Beth enters the picture and takes Peter even further in his sexual exploration, but she moves away soon after.

    Seventeen and a senior in high school, Peter has progressed to teenage alcoholic, flunks classes at school, gets thrown in jail with his best friend, Jeff. All he wants now is to escape, physically and mentally. He and Jeff make plans to run away to California and freedom but fail, and Jeff gets sent away to live with his brother. Alone now, Peter is left with a void in his life. The only thing that remains is music and the band and finishing summer school so he can graduate, the one thing his parents will make him do or die trying. He and the bass player, Steve, find comfort in their shared misery with life around them and decide to leave for Florida. Their adventure detours when they're thrown in jail in Baton Rouge as underage runaways. Steve's mother and brother come to get them and bring Peter a message from his parents: you're free to go on if you wish.

    Summer, 1967, Peter is a lost soul struggling to find his place, wondering what lies ahead for him. His friends have all scattered, the draft and Vietnam loom in the near future. With all of this and the thought of being done with summer school in the next weeks, Peter decides to go back and find a new path for his life. Where that path will lead, he's not sure, but it's summer and that's a good start.

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  • SprogEngelsk
  • Sidetal266
  • Udgivelsesdato20-04-2021
  • ISBN139780983820147
  • Forlag Afterthought Publications
  • FormatHæftet
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