My Private Parts Belong to Me!

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"Mommy, mommy, our kindergarten teacher taught us about our bodies today." I was caught a bit off guard and wondered what they meant. It's something that we, as parents, will have to face at some point. Let's face it - those young minds can be smart! We often overlook the fact that they're going to start exploring their bodies at some point. When they discover... well... their private parts, knowing what they are and that it belongs only to them is really important.

Sure, the teacher did the task of starting this conversation with my son and daughter at kindergarten - but that's when I realized just how important it is to continue and talk with them about this topic.

So, I wanted to create a fun way for other parents to provide this knowledge to their children - but without the awkwardness that we often feel. It's weird talking about our private parts with our children, right? So, this book creates a scenario that you can read to your child. There are fun illustrations that really make it interactive and exciting.

This book focuses on introducing kids to the fact that they need to keep their private parts well... private. So, what can you expect from this book?

An entertaining story that teaches children why their private parts belong only to themselves.

Visual illustrations that add a fun way to the learning experience

A very important message about how to behave if someone touches you in your private parts and how to ask for help

An opportunity to read the book with your children while spending quality time with them

An additional page at the end provides a more comprehensive explanation for the parent about what to do if, while reading the story, the children reveal that they were in a situation where their privacy was violated.

By creating a fun way to educate your child, you'll find the conversation about this topic which is not so simple, much easier. Don't worry, though - I won't put fear in your child heart about touching. We sometime need to touch our children bodies to help them with health and hygiene related issues. We hug our children to express our love. The book helps your children understand when it is appropriate to let someone, like their parents, to touch them.

If you're ready to educate your child about the fact that they are the owners of their body and have the right to deny anyone from touching it, then click the "Add to Cart" button to get your hands on this book.

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