Mooncakes and Milk Bread

- Sweet and Savory Recipes Inspired by Chinese Bakeries

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2022 JAMES BEARD AWARD WINNER • Baking and Desserts

2022 JAMES BEARD AWARD WINNER • Emerging Voice, Books

ONE OF THE TEN BEST COOKBOOKS OF THE YEAR: The New Yorker Magazine, The New York Times

ONE OF THE BEST COOKBOOKS OF THE YEAR: Time Out, Glamour, Taste of Home

Food blogger Kristina Cho ( introduces you to Chinese bakery cooking with fresh, simple interpretations of classic recipes for the modern baker.

Inside, you’ll find sweet and savory baked buns, steamed buns, Chinese breads, unique cookies, whimsical cakes, juicy dumplings, Chinese breakfast dishes, and drinks. Recipes for steamed BBQ pork buns, pineapple buns with a thick slice of butter, silky smooth milk tea, and chocolate Swiss rolls all make an appearance--because a book about Chinese bakeries wouldn’t be complete without them

In Mooncakes & Milk Bread, Kristina teaches you to whip up these delicacies like a pro, including how to:

Knead dough without a stand mixerAvoid collapsed steamed bunsInfuse creams and custards with aromatic tea flavorsMix the most workable dumpling doughPleat dumplings like an Asian grandmaThis is the first book to exclusively focus on Chinese bakeries and cafés, but it isn’t just for those nostalgic for Chinese bakeshop foods--it’s for all home bakers who want exciting new recipes to add to their repertoires.

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  • SprogEngelsk
  • Sidetal304
  • Udgivelsesdato25-11-2021
  • ISBN139780785238997
  • Forlag Harper Celebrate
  • FormatHardback
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