Main Street Survival Guide for Small Businesses

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Sam Burlum's "Main Street Survival Guide for Small Businesses," addresses the threats that plague a small businesses ability to succeed, and how to grow your business within the ever changing Main Street USA local economy. This book combines real world experience backed by research. Forewords by Ron Ball, Patricia Singer, and Beverly White; Authored by Samuel K. Burlum.

This book is not another self-help personal development book, nor is it another book on how to get motivated about your business. It's about knowing the score related to your small business enterprise; providing you the tools on how to handle some of the toughest small business challenges; helping your business become more sustainable and profitable.

So you want to own your own business? Or maybe you are an inspiring entrepreneur? What if you are an established small business owner who is looking to reinvent their image or gain a strategic market advantage?

Then Sam Burlum's "Main Street Survival Guide for Small Businesses," is the MUST HAVE guide in assisting you to outlast, out maneuver, and outwit the ever changing threats and economic climate conditions. Here are a few small business facts:

FACT: Only 1/3rd of all new businesses from start-up live long enough to see their 10th Anniversary

FACT: Small businesses are responsible for 60% of job creation in the last 10 years

FACT: Over 150 million people are employed by small businesses

It is that important that your business survive and is a success It does matter how successful your small business enterprise becomes. Not only is your family counting on you, but so is your community, country, and the economy. In this book, not only will you be provided the amor you need to survive the changing landscape of your local community, you will be given the tools that will give your business a chance to win where other small businesses fail.

This book was written with your small business success in mind. Coming from a small business background, and as a career entrepreneur, the author, Samuel K. Burlum, understands the many obstacles that can undermine a small business owner's efforts. He also knows of tools that can make all the difference between being just another business, to being a beacon of why a business on Main Street can work. In this book you will learn:

How to protect your business from commonly made mistakes How to handle business adversity and challenges How to find funding for your new or expanding business How to properly convey your business's message to potential consumers How to plan your business strategy for long term How to build strategic business partnerships and alliances How to establish policies and procedures for business operations Ron Ball, World Renowned and Recognized Public Speaker and Author, Corporate Trainer, and Host of the TV show "Choose Greatness," says "So many business books are filled with fluff and dominated by theory. Samuel K. Burlum does everyone a favor by explaining how entrepreneurial success actually happens. He then pulls back the curtain and shows you how to build a successful business. In my success seminars I have delivered these principles to over 8 million people in 24 countries. Samuel K. Burlum lives these principles. He provides YOUR opportunity to fast track your business in Main Street Survival Guide for Small Businesses."

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