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I'm sure many of you, now, are familiar with the physical and the spiritual being and aware of the constant battle that is going on inside us, whether we can feel it or not.

The purpose for me to write this book was not to scare you at all, but rather to provide knowledge and information and open your mind to the world that is so powerful, yet so secretive and hidden, which impacts your life in a disorderly manner. Had you stayed uninformed and ignorant like others around you, you would've been exposed to the spawns of evil who is ready to pounce on any unguarded soul they could find. But, with the power of Holy Jesus around you, rest assured, you are safe from all the calamities of the spiritual realm.

The spiritual enemies try and keep mankind as farthest from God as they can to make us vulnerable and defenseless. In the current circumstances, the war is going on and going on as faster as it ever was. We must choose the side of God and surrender our soul to him before we lose control of it to the enemies. The humans and the spiritual realm are connected since birth, and though we may not be able to see it, this connection exists until our death when we are transferred back into the spirit realm. It is sacred and full of servants of God as well. But, no one can deny the existence of evil that coexists with them. Never dying, and always trying to drag the

faithful servants of God to the bad side. And we have learned that the consequences of it are not only on our soul, but they are also physical.

God has always provided people with different means to protect themselves, warn them against the impending evil, and bring them to the safe side. The visions that I had, indicating many terrible incidents, were also a sign from God to ask me to save myself and spread the news to save ourselves. I was one of the many assigned to bring this knowledge to you, and that is the purpose of my life.

This book is not merely a book, but a guide for you to be closer to God, so you can enjoy and bask in His Glory.

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