Introduction to EU Internet Law


Introduction to EU Internet Law
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    1. Beskrivelse

      Introduction to EU Internet Law provides a thorough introduction to the parts of European Union law that are particularly relevant to the Internet, including electronic commerce. A number of legal topics are introduced, analysed, discussed, and applied to the Internet and electronic commerce.

      The book is suitable as a general introduction and guides the reader through various areas of law in a way that makes the content accessible for readers who do not have a legal background. In addition to being used for teaching purposes, this book may also serve as a valuable tool for lawyers and legal academics who wish to familiarize themselves with Internet law or update their knowledge.

      The authors are Associate Professors at the Law Department of Copenhagen Business School.

      Jan Trzaskowski has dealt with legal aspects of the Internet since the mid 90s, and he was Head of the Danish delegation negotiating the E-Commerce Directive. He has been in academia since 2002 where he focuses on EU & international law, marketing law, and privacy law – in an information society context.

      Andrej Savin has published on various aspects of Internet law, in particular governance issues in the EU and the US and Internet policy creation in the European Union. He has conducted research on all aspects of European Internet regulation, most particularly in privacy and telecommunications law in the EU.

      Björn Lundqvist’s research interests are mainly within competition law and intellectual property law – and the interface between these fields and IT law. Björn has previously worked for leading business law firms in Europe, where he has represented clients in competition and intellectual property law matters before the EU Commission, national competition authorities, and courts.

      Patrik Lindskoug wrote his doctoral dissertation on Cross Border Electronic Commerce, particularly focusing on issues of jurisdiction and choice of law. He has been in academia since the mid 90s and his major fields of interest are commercial law, international and comparative law, and property law.

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      Bog, hardback

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