Injured Honor

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  • Bog, paperback
  • Engelsk
  • 512 sider


After his only daughter was fatally shot by the police, Damien thought it was another killing borne out of

racial discrimination but soon realized it was a retaliation from his ugly past. Finally, his most dreaded

enemy had caught up with him, and his worst fear had come home to roost. Before long, he became a

principal suspect in multiple murders when an unknown gunman goes on a killing spree, specifically

targeting people who favored the police department during the legal tussle, thereby making it look like a


If he didn't act fast, he might be on his way to jail for crimes he never committed. He was gradually

being framed for the murders, pretty soon, he might find it very difficult to wriggle out of the impending

trouble as more people were hunted down by this mysterious killer.

The detective saddled with solving the case was also entangled in a very disturbing domestic situation

and he had to face his demons when he discovered the serial killer ravaging the town might be

romantically involved with his estranged wife. Death was really close home without him having a clue.

Bothered with the feeling of death looming every minute and an inevitable jail term, Damien plunged

himself into a self-investigative mode with the help of his best friend and lawyer. While they frantically

dug deep into the mystery of what might happen next, they realized that there was a secret terror

intent brewing somewhere.

With the determination to save himself from the foe who was hell-bent on destroying him completely,

Damien realized to outwit his foe, he might have to save the state and a lot of people in the process.

He fought frantically to stop the doom's day but while he was busy trying to avert terrorism, no one

realized that the real terrorist was right at the center of the whole saga, a man who had been nursing

some grudges for a very long time and was determined to see his

intent come to fruition.

The twist is indeed a masterclass!

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  • SprogEngelsk
  • Sidetal512
  • Udgivelsesdato30-08-2021
  • ISBN139781737344544
  • Forlag Adedotun Ishmael Books
  • FormatPaperback
Størrelse og vægt
  • Vægt417 g
  • Dybde2,7 cm
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    10 cm
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    11,1 cm
    17,8 cm

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