In Plain Sight
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In Plain Sight

- A fascinating investigation into UFOs and alien encounters from an award-winning journalist, fully updated and revised new edition for 2023

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  • 384 sider
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An award-winning journalist investigates a story largely ignored by mainstream media but right there, in front of our eyes ... Are we not alone? The moment we have an answer might have arrived.Award-winning investigative journalist Ross Coulthart has been intrigued by UFOs since mysterious glowing lights were reported near New Zealand's Kaikoura mountains when he was a teenager. The 1978 sighting is just one of thousands since the 1940s, and yet research into UFOs is still seen by many as the realm of crackpots and conspiracy theorists. In 2020, however, after decades of denial, the US Department of Defense made the astonishing admission that strange aerial and underwater objects frequently reported and videoed by pilots and tracked by sensors are real, unexplained and pose a genuine national security concern. Compelled to investigate, Coulthart has embarked on the most intriguing story of his career, speaking to witnesses, researchers, scientists, spies, defence officials and intelligence insiders in an attempt to sift the truth from the conspiracy. In the US, powerful new laws and a hardening of government resolve may soon force the military and intelligence communities to reveal what they know about alleged UFO crash retrievals and secret reverse-engineering programs. Bizarre, sometimes mind-blowing and utterly fascinating, in this new edition of In Plain Sight, Coulthart explains why there is cause for optimism that 'the biggest story ever' might finally be about to break.

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  • SprogEngelsk
  • Sidetal384
  • Udgivelsesdato28-07-2021
  • ISBN139781460712764
  • ForlagHarpercollins
  • FormatePub

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