In Love with a Cougar

- Erotic Romance


In Love with a Cougar
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Bog, paperback
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    "You really have grown into a sexy young man...I better be careful with you " Zack may have found the woman who's right for him - too bad cougar Gynn is his girlfriend's stepmom When Gynn's husband runs off with his assistant, Zack becomes the "man of the house" for her and her stepdaughter Veronica. Zach has always gotten along with the family, but his assuring presence after the separation brings him even closer to the two women. Zach and Gynn form an intimate friendship. But one night, when Zack spots the hot older woman in her bedroom half-naked, he finds he just can't get Gynn out of his mind. After flighty Veronica breaks up with Zack, his devastation drives him into the arms of a whore. Heartbroken, he rejects calls and deletes emails from Veronica. But there is one lovely, older woman he can talk to. Someone who can put sense into his head and make him realize just how much he means to her... Gynn. *Hot cougar romance for mature audiences. SAMPLE: Gynn suddenly moved over then got up off the couch. She allowed her top to fall to the floor and then wiggled out of her gym shorts. She was standing right in front of me totally nude. I could see the glistening between her legs from her arousal. "Are you sure you want this, baby?" she asked softly. "You want me to be your first?" My body was vibrating with my need for her. My desperateness to have her and be inside of her. "Oh God yes, Gynn. Yes I do. Yes I do," I gasped my reply. Gynn had me sit up on the couch and stick my legs out so my feet were on the floor. She stepped forward straddling my legs. "Oooh Gynn, look at thaaaaaaat," I moaned lustfully as she used her fingers to spread her pussy lips wide apart. It was the most wonderful shade of pink that I had ever seen as I looked up into her pussy canal. She very slowly lowered herself down till my dick was completely buried inside of her.

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