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Bog, hardback Immigration af Cari Lee Skogberg Eastman

Immigration (Contemporary Debates)

- Examining the Facts

(Bog, hardback)

black & white illustrations

black & white illustrations


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Forlagets beskrivelse
black & white illustrations
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Immigration: Examining the Facts provides a one-stop resource for straight answers on the impact both positive and negative of immigration trends on the United States. Its coverage of key issues serves students as well as members of the general public who want to better understand immigration trends and their effect on various aspects of American society. By utilizing quantifiable information from objective, authoritative sources, readers will be able to make informed judgments about immigration claims made by both liberals and conservatives.

The book analyzes specific claims about immigration that are perpetuated through media or public discourse, identifies the origins of these claims, and then offers empirical data from impartial research sources to consider the veracity of those claims. Organized into subject chapters, each of which addresses assertions about specific immigration topics, this resource gives students and other users the tools to gain a more accurate understanding of the issue, improve their critical thinking skills, and increase their awareness of the views and strategies of political parties, lawmakers, news organizations, and advocacy groups on this important subject.


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