I Am Brilliant, Caring & Brave

- The Feel-Good About Yourself Self-Confidence Building Coloring Book for Boys


I Am Brilliant, Caring & Brave
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Bog, paperback
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What This Book Is About I Am Brilliant, Caring & Brave is a coloring book for boys. We designed the coloring pages to help boys in their critical developmental years. It is a book designed to boost boys' self-esteem and provide them direction in becoming healthy, happy, and ethical adults. It is a book intended to counter negative messages boys receive, societal messages that attack their self-esteem, and teach negative values. It is a book that wants boys to know that they are brilliant, caring, and brave. Why This Book is Important We all know that there's a lot of books out there to boost girls' self-esteem. These books are crucial in lifting girls' confidence and sense of self-worth. But, as those involved in raising boys know, boys can use help with their self-esteem too. It's all about building a boy's self-confidence and inspiring them to think about ways to become healthy, productive, and kind to the people and animals around him. It's about planting seeds in the boy to develop into a man that will make you proud. Your young boy will love this book. I Am Brilliant, Caring & Brave will keep him busy for hours on end. Why You Want this Coloring Book

The Great Coloring Unwind. It works Stress is a reality for boys, especially these days. Each page draws your child into a calming space where worries evaporate, the mind refocuses, and stress melts away.Non-Screen Entertainment. Are video games and television taking over your kid's life? Video games can be violent. So too are movies and television. Coloring books are a great way to draw your child away from the screen and into the world of tactile sensations of a real book and artist's page.Fun with Positive Designs. You'll get images that thrust your child's creativity to the fore when they bring these drawings to life. They will get a sense of artistry and accomplishment in completing each page.Coloring Is Learning. Coloring is childhood development. Your boy will develop fine motor skills and understand concepts of color. He will find artistic beauty on every page, not to mention hours of coloring fun Single-sided Black-Backed Pages. No more bleeding through to the next page. Every image is on one page. Carefully remove his finished work, and your child will have a masterpiece to display proudly.Perfect for All Skill Levels. There's a variety of designs from easy to more challenging for younger to older kids. And remember, there's no wrong way to color Educational and Confidence-Building. We designed this book to build 3 to 8-year-old (and up) boys' confidence and give them a positive take on life. Studies show that coloring books can have an impact on children during their developmental years.Artistic Expression. Coloring is a great way to get your boy started in the fine arts.Bonus Word Search and Sudoku Puzzles. We have included a bonus puzzle section with word search puzzles that reinforce the coloring pages and support a boy's sense of self-esteem. There are also sudoku puzzles that develop his logic, memory, and intelligence.

Coloring Books Make Fantastic Gifts for Boys

If you want an activity book for your toddler, preschool, kindergarten, or school-aged boy, the I Am Brilliant, Caring & Brave coloring book helps boys build self-esteem while encouraging and entertaining them. It is a fun way to engage boys aged 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and older. If you want, I Am Brilliant, Caring & Brave for someone you love; there's no time like the present.

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