Holy Roar

- 7 Words That Will Change The Way You Worship

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What happens when we praise God? What are the benefits of praising Him? Do we know what praise actually means? In Holy Roar, Chris Tomlin and Darren Whitehead share a fresh perspective on worship practices and the transformative power of praise. With a profound exploration into seven unique Hebrew words for praise found in the Psalms. Holy Roar is a must read for worship pastors and believers alike.

In the ancient world, something extraordinary happened when God's people gathered to worship Him. It was more than just singing; it was a declaration, a proclamation, a time to fully embody praise to God for who He is and what He has done. In fact, in the Psalms, seven Hebrew words are translated into the English word praise, each of which represents a different aspect of what it means to truly praise God.

Readers of Holy Roar can expect to:

Grow an understanding of praise with Darren's unique insights,Gain a deeper understanding of how to worship and the different ways to worship,Be inspired as Chris shares how those insights take shape in the stories behind some of your favorite worship songs, including "How Great Is Our God," "We Fall Down," and "Good Good Father.", andDeepen your faith through a spiritual connection in worship. 

Holy Roar is for:

Readers of all ages interested in growing their faith and learning more about praise,Pastors or, worship leaders, andSmall group or Sunday school teachers.

Engage with praise in a new way through Old Testament and New Testament understandings of worship, develop a deeper level of faith, and rejoice in God’s goodness with Holy Roar.

Want to dive deeper? Enhance your experience with the companion study guide, Holy Roar Bible Study Guide, for an in-depth look at worship and applicable steps to deeper your practice of praise.

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