Goddesses in Everywoman

- Powerful Archetypes in Women's Lives

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Jean Shinoda Bolen's celebrated work of female psychology that uses seven archetypical goddesses to describing behavior patterns and personality traits, as relevant and timeless today as when it was first published thirty years ago. Myths are fascinating stories that become even more intriguing when we realize that they can reveal intimate truths about ourselves and others. Jean Shinoda Bolen brings the Greek pantheon to life as our inner archetypes and applies the power of myth to our personal lives. Once we understand the natural progression from myth to archetype to personal psychology, and realize that positive gifts and negative tendencies are qualities associated with a particular goddess within, we gain powerful insights. Depending on which goddess is more active within, one woman might be more committed to achieving professional success, while another more fulfilled as a wife and mother. From the autonomous Artemis and the cool Athena to the nurturing Demeter and the creative Aphrodite, she teaches women how to decide which to cultivate and which to overcome, and how to tap the power of these enduring archetypes to become a better "heroine" in their own life story.

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  • Udgivelsesdato31-07-2014
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