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Bog, paperback Food Flavors af Henryk Jelen

Food Flavors (Chemical & Functional Properties of Food Components)

- Chemical, Sensory and Technological Properties

(Bog, paperback)

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121 black & white illustrations, 48 black & white tables

121 black & white illustrations, 48 black & white tables


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Forlagets beskrivelse
121 black & white illustrations, 48 black & white tables
Bibliotekernes beskrivelse
Food flavor, appearance, and texture are the sensory properties that influence food acceptance, and among these, flavor is usually the decisive factor for the choice of a particular product. Food Flavors: Chemical, Sensory, and Technological Properties explores the main aspects of food flavors and provides a starting point for further study in focused areas.Topics discussed include: * The nature of food odorants and tastants and the way they are perceived by the human olfactory system * Basic anatomy and physiology of sensory systems involved in flavor sensation, olfactory pathways, and interactions between olfactory and gustatory stimuli * The fundamentals of flavor compounds formation based on their main precursors (lipids, amino acids, and carbohydrates) * Technological issues related to flavor compounds * Physicochemical characteristics of aroma compounds and the main factors that influence aroma binding and release in foods * Safety and regulatory aspects of flavorings used in foods * Flavors of essential oils and spices, cheeses, red meat, wine, and bread and bakery products * Food taints and off-flavors * Analytical approaches to characterize food flavors The book also explores the latest technology in artificial olfaction systems with a chapter on the main physical and chemical features of these sensors. Bringing together the combined experience of a host of international experts, the book provides insight into the fundamentals of food flavors and explores the latest advances in flavor analysis.

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