Earth Magick

- Ground yourself with magick. Connect with the seasons in your life & in nature

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  • Engelsk
  • 176 sider
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Learn the secrets of The Witch of the Forest in this stunning follow-up to Natural Magick, and channelthe elemental forces which are all around you to master the practice of earth magick. Earth magick is all about understanding the elements which govern the world around us, connecting with the Earth and using its powers to thrive. From using the four elements fire, air, water and earth in spells, to learning about the powers of crystals and mastering the art of divination, this book will teach you everything you know about this ancient form of magick. Discover how to use simple witchcraft to boost your wellbeing, keep yourself grounded in the 21st century, and connect to your own natural ';seasons' in your life as well as in your craft. Perfect for budding beginners new to the spellbinding world ofwitchcraft, learn about:Casting a circle and ritual basics,Crystals and their magickal properties and uses,Divination techniques such as using runes and divination dice,Connecting with the energies of the four seasons, the four elements, and harnessing their power,Connecting to your own natural ';seasons' in your life throughyour craft,Reconnecting with your craft after a break,Caring for your magickal energy if youre an empath, or are feeling drained,Embracingyour darker energies, and using shadow work for personal growth and transformation,Wellbeing techniques for witches to help you manage your energy... and more! Suitable for every type of witch and witchling including thosepracticingin the broom closetthis book also includes a runes boardon the back of the jacket that you can remove to help answer all your questions. The Earth is bursting withmagickal energies and lessons to be learnt, and connecting with these can help yourrelationship with yourself, the people around you, and the natural world, blossom. Discover how to use witchcraft toconnect more deeply with yourself, and and learn from the Earth howto bloom and thrive at your own pace!The Witch of the Forest's Guide to series are a collection of guides to different areas of witchcraft, focusing onthe relationship between magic, the natural world and the self. Each book discusses completely different elements of the natural world, andEarth Magickis full of techniques not mentioned inNatural Magick.

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  • SprogEngelsk
  • Sidetal176
  • Udgivelsesdato15-03-2022
  • ISBN139780711271739
  • Forlag Leaping Hare Press
  • FormatePub

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