Death. When Someone Dies. What to Do. How to Do It.

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A Loved one just passed away. Who do I call? What do I do? No one wants to talk about death so there are many unanswered questions that may cost you thousands of dollars. You do not have to read the whole book straight through. It was written to help you get started in your time of need if you were just informed that a loved one just passed. What do I do? How do I do it? Who pays for things? Can state or local government force me to pay for someone's funeral? What if I do not want to be the executor? Can I be sued if I just make my best effort? I just found something valuable left by the deceased; now what? Does Medicaid have a claim on the estate? Medicare? Veterans and their families? Free Funerals? This book was written to help right now if someone just passed. It is also used to both Preplan a Funeral and organize an Estate for disposition. (Tidy Up). We took the time to repeat some information so you would not have to search for it. You have enough on your mind right now. There is a Time Line that explains the general order in which things happen and what you can do to prepare. Next there is more detailed information covering key points that are quick and easy to understand. After the Appendix there is a Glossary of Terms and Definitions that quickly explain things to be aware of and watch out for. Is the estate insolvent (broke)? Check through the assets section and you may be reminded of assets to look for that are worth more than enough to cover expenses. Did the loved one pass on without a Will? What happens now? Is the home "underwater" or is there a reverse mortgage? What do you do? It is not until you sit down and take a good hard look at everything that must be done just to clean up after us that you realize how much work it can be. We have an obligation to make this as easy as we can for those who remain behind. Someone must come behind us and tidy up. We need to help them. When a loved one passes you will have very little time to properly do all of the things that will have a lasting impact on so many friends and family members. Everyone needs to think about this today. Use this book as a tool to Preplan someone's passing. Many very simple things need to be done that can make the situation so much easier. It is not difficult for you once you understand what is going to happen and the order in which it happens. Who pays for the funeral? They had no money. They had no real assets and their home is "underwater." Our parents have both been in poor health for such a long time now and no one wanted to discuss their passing. We used your book to begin talking and actually made their passing a lot easier for them. They were both comforted that they would not be a burden. The first thing the funeral providers wanted was for us to sign everything and just "trust" them. Thanks to your book we knew what to watch out for. We saved thousands of dollars. Can the government force me to pay for someone's funeral? Yes, sometimes. And it happens more and more every day. Who is responsible for all of their debt? We want to have a home funeral. Can we do this? We answer these questions and many more that you may not think to ask. We help in locating assets. We give you a general idea of what this will cost and how long it may take. It is our sincerest desire that this book helps make your life easier in this time of need.

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  • SprogEngelsk
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  • Udgivelsesdato01-04-2013
  • ISBN139780983923534
  • Forlag Alfordpress, LLC
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