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Covenant Essays


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Covenant Essays
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    1. Beskrivelse

      Essays present a fascinating prose communication; well presented, each works out a consistent theme. The essays in this collection, created over a fifteen-year span, stand on their own, although several themes carry through--Jesus's lordship, the kingdom, the church, the faith; these constitute constants framed by the three Forms of Unity, that is, the original stuff of the Reformation. ""It is with great personal conviction and love for Christ and his covenants that T. Hoogsteen has written his essays. His Biblical, historical, and contemporary commentary are both insightful and thought-provoking. Throughout his essays, though varied in theme, you cannot escape the centrality of Christ and his Kingdom."" --Brian D. Beattie, Lead Pastor, Freedom House, Brantford, Ontario ""In this volume, Hoogsteen gives us a variety of themes to ponder, such as the Kingdom and confessional faith. Taken as a whole, this collection of essays gives us a picture from the Garden all the way to the present, exploring the challenges the church has and continues to face whole moving toward a glorious future. I recommend this work as an opportunity to explore the continuum of God's covenantal relationship with his people from different angles; perhaps one that is new to you."" --Thomas Bailey, Reverend, Creation Ministries ""In reading T. Hoogsteen's Covenant Essays, I was impressed with his research and thoroughness of Christian thought. As a Catholic and a Deacon in the Ukrainian Catholic Church, I do not profess to fully understand Dispensationalism which 'now defines Protestantism and Evangelicalism,' but I see a firm belief and faith in Christ and his Church even though our understanding of Church may not totally align. Hoogsteen's book deserves study and thought."" --Paul Vandervet, Deacon, Brantford, Ontario Ted J. Hoogsteen served in parish ministries for twenty-five years. Currently he works in, on, and for He holds degrees from Calvin College and Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan, as well as De Theologische Hogeschool van de Gereformeerde Kerken, an institution now amalgamated with Amsterdam's Free University. He published The Tradition of the Elders and Covenant Works.

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