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Burnt Offerings #2

- Spiritual Poems Collection


Burnt Offerings #2
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Bog, paperback
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    In Hosea 6:6, God says, it is love I desire, not sacrifice. What Burnt Offering volume 2 contains are just black squigglys on white paper, a jumble of letters I worked to string together by the grace of God. They are the only gift I have to return. Even so, in the vastness of time and space are not our lives but whiffs of smoke? Burnt Offerings? Here today. Gone tomorrow. But God's love for us is eternal, higher than the stars above the grass of the fields. And if these black squigglys help you connect with that grace, if they give you comfort, a chuckle or two, a prayer, if they prompt a closer relationship with God or help deepen your faith, than dip your bucket in the water of hope and drink so that your heart overflows. You have become the eyes on the other side of the paper. You save me from being a seed pod rattle in a desert wind. And the squigglys become words of love for both of us. Love is forever. So let the universe ignore us. We don't rule it after all. But take heart, our Father does. PEA October 2015 In December, 2007, I started sending put Burnt Offerings to friends, acquaintances, and fans of my thirteen novels. I started with a small reserve and sent them out each Monday in the to hope they would cheer the day. The idea was to continue until I ran out but through the Holy Spirit the list kept growing so that on in September, 2015, I sent out Burnt Offering # 370. This book is the second collection numbering some 170 poems. Endorsements: I pray that you enjoy reading these spiritual poems as much as I over the years. Brother Richard McCann. S.T. Peter writes of ordinary things, hardly noticed, such as thanking God for the first sip of coffee in the morning. By pointing to the wonder in simple things he turns the ordinary into the sacred. Fr. Peter Daly: Columnist, National Catholic Reporter. Peter E. Abresch is the author of thirteen novels, a one act play produced by NTP, and a book on writing, Easy Reading Writing.

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