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Best Business Practices for Photographers


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Best Business Practices for Photographers
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  1. Beskrivelse

    The photography industry is advancing and changing more—and more quickly—than ever. Right along with changes in camera technology, photographers are witnessing shifts in the business landscape that can be a challenge to understand and navigate, whether they?re just beginning their business or growing it after 25 years of shooting.

    Best Business Practices for Photographers, 3rd Edition, is an updated and expanded version of John Harrington?s bestselling books on the topic. For the first time, Harrington brings together both Best Business Practices for Photographers and More Best Business Practices for Photographers, creating a complete and comprehensive guide for photographers starting, maintaining, and growing their business in order to achieve financial success and personal satisfaction.

    In great detail and with a friendly, conversational voice, Harrington covers all the key points of the business of professional photography, and he provides today?s best practices that you need to know. This book covers:

    • How to establish your business (Sole Proprietor vs. LLC/LLP vs. S Corp)• Whether or not you need a physical, brick-and-mortar location• The equipment you need• Planning a shoot• The value of internships• Setting your fees• Pricing your work• Why you need insurance• Surviving an IRS audit• Contracts for editorial, commercial, and corporate clients, as well as weddings and rites of passage• The art of negotiation• How video can be incorporated into your business• Marketing, branding, and social media• Publishing a book of your work• Practical finance advice and guidance, from working with accountants to setting up QuickBooks• How to protect your work• Releases for models, property, and more• How to handle a breach of contract• Licensing your work• Digital asset managementWhether you?re just starting a photography business or you?re a veteran shooter looking to improve your finances, Best Business Practices for Photographers, 3rd Edition, is for you. Harrington?s Best Business Practices books have long been recognized throughout the industry as the go-to resource for photographers, and this new, complete 3rd Edition is your key to a successful career in photography.

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