Beat the Bloat - Saying Goodbye to Stomach Bloating Forever

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This is not a book about water retention.This book is for people whose stomach bloats nearly every day, usually after eating. It is a step by step guide that explains why your stomach bloats, why you have excess gas, and how to eliminate bloating and gas by healing your digestive tract through the use of inexpensive and widely available supplements. How does your stomach feel? Okay in the morning, but by the afternoon you look a little pregnant? You bloat after eating? Your bowel habits have become unpredictable? You used to have an iron stomach, and now you don't? You can thank the Standard American Diet (the S.A.D) for your woes. The S.A.D. derails healthy digestion. Once the digestive tract is compromised, bloating and gas result. Even worse, the S.A.D. doesn't just compromise your digestion while you're eating it. It compromises your digestion permanently, until you take steps to undo the damage. If you're already suffering from a chronically bloated stomach, cleaning up your diet won't fix the problem. Your digestive system needs to be repaired. Discover the simple, three step solution to healing your digestion and eliminating bloating and gas by regulating transit time, increasing efficient nutrient absorption and effectively establishing helpful bacteria. Find out why you bloat every time you eat, why slow digestive transit time contributes to the problem, how inflammation can irritate the vagus nerve, which mineral can correct transit time, how digestive enzymes work, the difference between pro and prebiotics, what fiber is really doing in there, and how vitamins and herbs can work together to repair the damage inflicted on your digestive system by the S.A.D. This book contains the seven-day get back on track program called T.A.B. The T.A.B. formula is easy to follow, it is comprised of widely available, inexpensive supplements and does not involve a restrictive diet. With the right supplements in the right combination, it's possible to correct the imbalances caused by the S.A.D. and eliminate bloating and gas once and for all. I KNOW you can bring your digestive system back to a healthy state. You can do it without confining yourself to a narrow list of foods or following complicated rituals. Once you understand the three keys to healthy digestion, and how supplements work to support the three keys, you'll never suffer from bloating and gas again. Here's to living life NOT thinking about your stomach.

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