A Journey to Destiny

- A Book of Poems

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  • Bog, paperback
  • Engelsk
  • 190 sider


This book is a collection of inspirational poems and essays. They depict my passion for social justice, the rebirth of spirituality and my burning desire to lift the self-esteem and confidence of the younger generation. It opens a window of opportunity to boost the fading desire, the dwindling zealousness and waning determination of young adults who have lost hope in pursuing their dreams to become achievers, and who question the loyalty of their peers. The poetries serve as a stimulus to encourage our young people to revamp their self-confidence and booster their potentials. The book assembles topics that form a stairway of encouragement, confidence and hope for those left behind; for those who are on the edge of losing their identity and those who have misplaced their determination to pursue their dreams. It emphasizes the importance of merging the body, mind and spirit as one complete being that empowers the individual to ascend to unreachable heights. The essay 'Reflection' describes the urgency and importance of answering the question; who am I? It states, "I came into this world a solitary soul. I came into the world possessing one body and one mind." This is the strength of the individual. The poem 'A Child' is an affirmation that I am a child of the Great Almighty and I am child of His Royal Family. It reminds us that we are not ordinary people, and we do have a supernatural father. 'I am Unique' is a fascinating upbeat poem that was written for the children of the world. It emphasizes how exclusive, rare and special each child is. It reads, "I am no ordinary boy or girl; I am a priceless nugget of gold chosen to enlighten the world." 'Rise' is a confidence builder and motivates the children to leave the disguise of the falling pants or the temptation to join gangs behind and reach for the sky. 'The Misty Journey' is a poem constructed through the eyes of an unknown woman who witnessed the horrific journey the slaves encountered on the open seas and in the fields. 'Feed Me' was a persistent cry to the Lord to fill my hungry heart with love, peace and compassion. The poem 'Opportunity' denounces the reliance on hand-outs and argues for a chance to become somebody in the society. To underscore the importance of inclusiveness, I chose the following words: "Giving is the robe that clothes the soul; it consoles the heart and makes it whole." At the end of the book, I included the essay entitled 'A Prayer.' It's all about a conversation I had with God to pursue my new career in writing even though the path looked impossible. It is an amazing story of obedience. I became an author and a poet not by choice, but by the constant reminder by my inner spirit to speak out on behalf of our young adults and the under-privileged. It has been a difficult and, at times, an unrewarding task, but I persevered. I changed careers and stuck to the message of empowering and awakening the sleeping spirits of the young adults. I found out it is impossible to achieve long-term happiness or to attain continued success or to expect peace within the family without the intervention of divine grace. So after many stumbles along the way, I was committed to assist the next generation along the path to their destiny as I was led to mine. There, they would find a world filled with respect, discipline, peace and harmony. I know what my belief in the Creator has done to change my life around. Now, I can say, without a doubt that the survival of the human race does not rest in the hands of a few elected people, but in the hearts of every person coupled with the love of God.

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  • SprogEngelsk
  • Sidetal190
  • Udgivelsesdato24-11-2013
  • ISBN139781481956505
  • Forlag Createspace
  • FormatPaperback
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