15 Simple Steps to Losing Your Salvation


15 Simple Steps to Losing Your Salvation
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Bog, paperback
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    A new book to strengthen the believer's assurance of salvation by showing just how impossible it would be to actually lose your salvation. Inside are the 15 steps to losing your salvation, how to know for sure you are saved, the 10 things a Christian really can lose, and the 7 point confusing verse checklist to use when you run into a difficult passage


    Have you ever wondered, "Am I really saved?" Maybe you remember the time you said a prayer and asked Jesus into your heart, but since then you have questioned whether you really got saved at all. Or could it be that you know you got saved, but you fear that you could never live a life good enough to hold onto that gift.

    Everyone at some point in time wonders what will become of them after they die. This uncertainty can especially plague and haunt someone who, though being a child of God, wonders if there is hope for their future. To the person who struggles with the security of their salvation, the prospect of any assurance or peace seems futile without clear answers from Scripture.

    Others have taken obscure verses out of the Bible to cast a thick and seemingly impenetrable shadow upon the doctrine of eternal security. God's shining light will cut through the darkness as you are given clear guidelines for understanding some of the more difficult passages in the Bible, and the looming shadow of doubt will quickly vanish as you read the fifteen impossibilities that would have to take place to ever undo the miracles that God executed at the moment of salvation.

    Ecclesiastes 3:14, "I know that, whatsoever God doeth, it shall be for ever: nothing can be put to it, nor any thing taken from it: and God doeth it, that men should fear before him."


    "One of the most basic and fundamental needs of a Christian is to have assurance of salvation. A child of God must know he's secure in Christ and that God will always love Him. Without assurance, it's hard to do anything for the Lord and you could live your life in doubt and frustration, with all your focus on yourself. God has promised to fulfill our needs."


    "The Bible teaches that everlasting life and eternal life are a present possession. It is not something that is promised to you later on, after you die. It's not something you can only hope to get or earn; it's something that you have in your possession right away from the moment you believe."


    "No one is ever predestinated to get saved - people are predestinated after they are saved and what they are predestinated to are things that have to do with receiving a new body or an eternal inheritance."


    "There are a lot of things that verse doesn't say and one very clear thing it does say. That verse doesn't say that a Christian should not sin, that he won't sin as much, that he won't sin willfully or even that he must remain sinless to stay saved. That verse is written in extremely clear English and twice it says that a Christian doesn't commit sin... As in he doesn't have the ability to sin."


    "In this book you have read scripture after scripture and promise after promise of God's eternal love and salvation for the believer. You have seen not only the promises made that if a man simply believes in Christ he will never come into condemnation without any exception given, but you've also seen some of the more complicated doctrines that intertwine with the doctrine of eternal security. From doctrines relating to the body, soul, and spirit of a believer, to eternal judicial decrees made by God at salvation, to the permanent identity we have within the spiritual body of Christ: a born-again child of God in this age can not undo everything that God has done for him and to him at the moment of salvation."


    "Don't let the Devil steal the joy of today because of the fear of to

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