Your Universe - Holistic Life and Health

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You are the center of the story in Your Universe.Lita Elisabeth Fridolin explores the importance of an individual’s surroundings, from their relationships, and their home to their workplace and where they choose to spend their free time.She focuses on nine life areas, self-knowledge, relationships, cycles of time, and balancing feelings – examining what works and what you may need to adjust.For your home, she urges you to discover whether you get support from your immediate surroundings – and she reveals steps that can make it a more nourishing place to live.From there, she examines workspaces, analyzing four important areas and what influences you during your workday. This time is critical as influences at work can follow you home, including when you’re sleeping.Lastly, she examines attitude and how it can impact your situation as a whole.Get practical tips on taking responsibility for your life and navigating its ups and downs, happy and unhappy moments, and turns and changes along the way.Cover Graphics/Art Credit: Irene LarsenAbout LitaLita Elisabeth Fridolin, a married mother of four children, is a full-time lawyer, attorney, and former high court judge that took time out to study and learn more about holistic life and health. In Your Universe she facilitates wisdom and knowledge to practical use in everyday life. A guide on conscious living and how to handle life in a harmonized way making it nourishing for yourself and your family.Visit to learn more.Fil størrelse: 224459 KBIndlæst af: Lita Fridolin

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  • SprogDansk
  • DURATION05:20
  • Udgivelsesdato20-01-2020
  • Oplæser Lita Fridolin
  • ISBN139788799462254
  • ForlagFridolins Forlag
  • FormatLydbog download
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