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Win Them Over: A Survival Guide for Corporate Analyst Relations/Consultant Relations Programs


Win Them Over: A Survival Guide for Corporate Analyst Relations/Consultant Relations Programs
Bog, hardback (kr. 3.099,95) (kr. 3.159,95)
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  • Forventet levering 27-11-2018
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Bog, hardback
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  1. Beskrivelse

    Dr. Mallach's book was the first guide to corporate programs for influencing consultants and analysts, in 1987, and the twentieth-anniversay edition of this landmark book is a unique step-by-step guide to what really works in analyst relations. Reading this book is an excellent development opportunity for managers that have AR experience but who would benefit from developing a solid methodology for optimising the effectiveness of their analyst relations. Win Them Over will show you how to make your company easy for industry analysts and consultants to work with - so they'll recommend you, not a competitor! This 300 page book covers these topics: * 1] The impact of analysts. Who analysts and consultants are. It shows exactly how advisors influence sales. You'll learn how industry analysts and consultants impact your sales. * 2] What analysts and consultants want. This book shows the relationship between the goals and means of an analyst/consultant relations program and the information content that consultants and analysts require. You'll learn what their "hot buttons" are as well as their emotional "red flags" - so you don't accidentally hit one when you do something that might perfect for a different public - but might antagonize advisors. * 3] Information channels for reaching analysts. This book discusses attitude factors with analysts, the inbound value of analysts to your firm and the growing importance of the "consultant difference." * 4] Planning and alignment. Internally focused analyst relations activities are the foundation for putting your analyst/consultant relations program in place. This book shows how analyst/consultant relations in your organization relies on showing how valuable your analyst/consultant relations program is -- and shows you how to prove it. * 5] Executing AR outreach. Professor Mallach goes through everything involved in working with analysts and consultants: planning a program, publicizing it, running it, auditing its effectiveness. This book helps you to assess your program resource requirements and gives you the tools you need to firm up your program timetable. This session also involves a review of real analyst/consultant relations programs.

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