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White Guide Nordic

- The 250 Best Restaurants in the Nordic Countries


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White Guide Nordic
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    1. Beskrivelse

      The White Guide has been the leading restaurant guide in Sweden since 2004 and was launched in Denmark in early 2014. The guides cover over 800 restaurants in the two countries, promoting continuous development in the world of gastronomy in this dynamic region.

      Today, international interest in Nordic gastronomy is huge, and there is a growing demand for an encompassing guide to the full range of restaurant experiences in the Nordics – covering not only the capitals, but also the top restaurants in other major cities and in the countryside.

      White Guide NordicsTo meet this demand, we are launching White Guide Nordics – a comprehensive restaurant guide in English covering the 250+ best restaurants in Denmark (including the Faroe Islands), Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. The guide includes around 80+ restaurants in Sweden, 75+ in Denmark (including the Faroe Islands), 45+ in Norway, 40+ in Finland and around 10 in Iceland. The top 25 will be ranked on the “Top 25 Nordic List,” and given ample editorial coverage. All restaurants will be rated and grouped by country, category and location.

      The White Guide’s success in Sweden and Denmark is partly the result of the thorough testing of all restaurants included in the guides. Every year a large team of anonymous inspectors test every single restaurant in the guides, providing a point-based evaluation and entertaining editorial copy about the experience – all with the aim of giving the potential guest the most relevant information possible in choosing where to eat.

      Since the beginning, the White Guide has aimed for transparency regarding its rating system. Interested readers (and restaurants alike) can find a detailed presentation of the rating system and how food, beverages, service, setting and atmosphere are assessed.

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