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Where's Private Investigator Hanson


Where's Private Investigator Hanson
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    E-bog, PDF
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    1. Beskrivelse

      "Why Jorgenson? Why not Jacobs, Bernie or one of the other guys. Why Jorgenson? "Hackers voice was quivering in rage.

      "If it was one of the others who had rejected me, I would probably have said that it was one of them, right?" Hanson had turned towards Hacker again. "I know damn well how you feel about Jorgenson. But it just made sense now. I would also like to avoid the thought, since I too like the kid."

      The silence settled over the room for a moment. Both were sitting, deep buried in their thought. Neither one would be the first one to say anything more. They just let their thoughts hover. Hanson thought much about whether Jorgenson paid someone to do it or whether he did it himself. Could he really do all this by himself? He's such a good kid. It didn’t make any sense. Maybe Jorgenson just forgot to inform Hacker about what Hanson had been showing him. And as he himself thought, that there was no need. On the other hand nothing made sense, when you thought about it. Hacker had always had an interest in what Hanson had come with. Hanson had also had a busy period at the time, so he had not thought about it as such. But now it all suddenly made sense.

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