When Jesus Makes a Path

- Discovering His Presence in the Midst of the Hurdles


When Jesus Makes a Path
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Bog, paperback
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"Too many of us live with unnecessary suffering. Some of the most common problems we face-anxiety, financial burden, depression, stress, fear, and others-are also the hardest to fight. The problem isn't the trial we are facing-it is thinking the obstacle can't be overcome. Too often do we just try to make it through another day instead of attacking the issues that surround us. But it shouldn't-and doesn't have to-be that way. Your highest hurdles that prevent you from fulfilling your destiny can actually be overcome. It's time to bring it back to the basics: stop running from adversity and claim victory, not defeat. No gimmicks, no more regret, no more self-pity, and no more excuses. Regardless of your race, past, choices, or age, Jesus died to see you live a prosperous life full of victory. The turning point is now. Your life is about to change just by realizing that you don't have to suffer anymore or carry the weight of your hurdles, and instead hand all of your problems to God and stand in tall faith that He will make a path of victory for you. He is the only true solution if you want a new life away from life's curveballs. Your new life starts with understanding who God created you to be, and by realizing that He took your place and suffered once for victory over life's stings. Get ready because your new life starts today. Can you see Jesus' victory?" -George Papakonstantinou, excerpt from Chapter One In this anniversary edition, after 10,000 copies sold, the same goal remains: help non-believers and Christians alike to live a fearless live and trust God to overcome all of life's mountains. God has freed us from the life of sin and darkness we would have had if He didn't die on the Cross of Calvary for us. Because of His sacrifice, we can rest assured He is never leaving us, and that life means happiness, health, abundance of blessings, and praising His Name and seeing His Light. Everyone loves to win and overcome life's obstacles. Anxiety, temptations, and finances-we all suffer the same issues, and sometimes it seems impossible to make it to the finish line. Sometimes the mountain is just too big to move-on our own strength. You may feel like you're nowhere near where you should be, like you haven't even come close to fulfilling your purpose, or like you are just not good enough to achieve something great and please God. Nothing could be further from the truth. Despite how you may feel, God has different thoughts. He thinks you are a masterpiece. He says in the Bible you were made "wonderfully and fearfully" for a reason. You are a force to be reckoned with. You can't be beat because you have unlimited power within you-supernatural power. God is forgiving. All we need to do is humbly surrender our sins to Him and ask wholeheartedly for mercy, and God forgives us. He loved you enough to give up His life on the Cross, and He loves you to this day. Keep fighting. Stay in belief. Lose yourself in Christ. Be dead to the world and alive in the Spirit. He will take that seed of faith and multiply it. You will see your destiny being fulfilled before your very eyes. God will take you further and His plans will amaze you. He is the solution to all of your problems. Just believe.

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