Web Design and Marketing Solutions for Business Websites


Web Design and Marketing Solutions for Business Websites
Bog, paperback (kr. 269,95) (kr. 269,95)
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Bog, paperback
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    The Internet encompasses all types of websites, from social media monoliths to individual blogs, from Justin Timberlake fan sites to Fortune 500 businesses. Everyone has a voice, and the medium has become the ultimate level playing field for those seeking to interact with the world through an always-on, instantly available, nearly ubiquitous venue. Fewer benefit more than businesses. In this sense, the term business is encompassing; we're talking about mom-and-pop stores, global giants, local nonprofits, churches, and more-- anyone who seeks to create a conversation with customers, clients, patrons, members, and prospects. Web Design and Marketing Solutions for Business Websites was written to help make those websites better. Since the lifeblood of business is fostering customer relationships, it is imperative that a w- site serve that purpose unequivocally. From the very first contact with a prospect, to guiding them through the conversion funnel, to sustaining them with ample support material, to maintaining contact through proactive communication--all of this is designed to attract c- tomers and keep them satisfied for the duration of the relationship with your company. This book covers the many facets of building a site that serves customers and maintains a positive marketing light on the company. First, the basics: content, accessibility, and archit- ture. Next, the guts of the website: the homepage, the About section, products and services, support, and the blog. After that, enhancing the website: testimonials, legal material, and strong contingency design. Finally, promoting the website: search engine optimization, c- tomer newsletters, and advertising.

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      Potts covers the fundamental aspects of building a Web site that works for the company, not against it. He covers the essentials of strong copywriting, and then dedicates several chapters to designing user-centric About, Products and Services, and Support sections.

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