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Washington Wines and Wineries

- The Essential Guide (Revised, Expand)


Washington Wines and Wineries
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    Bog, paperback
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    1. Beskrivelse

      As the global wine industry reinvents itself for twenty first-century palates, Washington is poised to become as important and influential as California on the world stage. National and international attention has brought interest in the state's wines to an all-time high. Yet, in just the past few years, a tidal wave of change has rolled over the state's wine industry. To keep wine enthusiasts thoroughly up to date, Paul Gregutt has now completely revised and expanded his critically acclaimed guide to Washington's best grapes, vineyards, wines, winemakers, and wineries. With twice as many winery and vineyard profiles, updated tasting notes, and new recommended producers for each grape variety, this edition of Washington Wines and Wineries will continue to be the definitive reference on the subject.

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      • Bibliotekernes beskrivelse

        Praise for the First Edition:

        "Read this book for its focus on the vineyards, grapes and important producers of this burgeoning wine region....a handy reference."--Wine Spectator

        "[Gregutt] looks in depth at the land, its people and its wines....A refreshingly unpedantic way to keep track of all those wines now appearing in stores."--Eric Asimov, The New York Times

        "A superb book....For those wishing to explore Washington wines in greater depth."--The Wine Advocate

        "[A] book to study, take notes on, and savor over time in order to absorb its considerable value....For those who want to gain an education on the country's second largest wine region (as well as become infected by the author's enthusiasm for it), this is a seminal book."--Vinography

        "The most comprehensive and authoritative book on Washington wines. Paul has a lively style that makes the story of Washington wine country come alive."--Natalie Maclean, Nat Decants

        "A timely, useful, and most enjoyable addition to wine literature."--The World of Fine Wine

        "No one who loves Washington wines--in fact, no one serious about wine--should fail to get a copy."--Oz Clarke

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