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Walking with C.S. Lewis, Companion Guide


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Walking with C.S. Lewis, Companion Guide
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Bog, paperback (kr. 149,95) (kr. 192,37)
  1. Beskrivelse

    In this 10--segment video series filmed on location in beautiful Oxford, England, individuals and small groups alike will walk through the life, writings, and impact of beloved author C. S. Lewis. This series, bundled with a companion guide and leader's guide, is ideal for gaining insight into Lewis's works and paints an engaging portrait of the man whose ideas have shaped the thought and faith of millions of readers. You'll visit historic sites from Lewis's life, study sixteen of his most beloved books, and hear the story of how Lewis's writings have impacted Dr. Tony Ash's own life and faith.

    For the past forty years, Ash has been teaching about Lewis in the classroom and the church. He has been deeply changed by Lewis's writings, and his goal is to help others deepen their spiritual walk in the same way. Though he's read many of Lewis's books more than thirty times each, Ash says, "I always find something new and refreshing." With Ash as your expert guide, walk with C. S. Lewis--and see him and his writing in a new and transformative way for yourself.

    The companion guide to Ash's video series brings added depth to the video content, summarizing each of the works discussed as well as filling in relevant biographical details from Lewis's life. Reflection questions and guidance for small group leaders follow the video segments, making Walking with C. S. Lewis a perfect curriculum for small group or personal study.

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    226 g
    20 mm
    134 mm
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    Lexham Press
    Bog, paperback
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