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Victory in Marriage: Biblical Perspective, Christ-Centered Advice, and Real-Life Experience


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Victory in Marriage: Biblical Perspective, Christ-Centered Advice, and Real-Life Experience
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    1. Beskrivelse

      Victory in Marriage will tell you things most married couples wish they knew before marriage began. The wedding, prayer, money, sex, long-distance relationships, dating, and many other topics will be dissected, and hopefully you’ll learn something that will equip you to be the kind of spouse you want to be married to! 

      Whether you’re single, engaged, or married, you can gain something if you invite God into your reading. 

      You’ll be encouraged, laugh a little, and struggle with breaking down difficult notions we’ve grown up hearing—most probably false—like how marriage is something you do simply “because I love them!” and how you should end your marriage if you aren’t happy. 

      Wife since 2014, singer since she can remember, Sarah Maxwell defines her worth in seeking Christ-likeness in all aspects of her life, even when she falls short. Sarah has written many blogs on various topics and hopes to publish a book for women as well as children’s picture books in the near future, but Victory in Marriage is her first published book. She doesn’t consider herself qualified to write about marriage because of age or years married, but simply because of her teachable spirit upon entering marriage. 

      “I haven’t been married long,” Sarah says, “but I entered marriage with God already the Lord of my life, and my husband did also, and from there, being married committedly is what makes me qualified.” She admits she has expectations she’ll gain wisdom from her readers as she inevitably gets feedback about Victory in Marriage even if it changes her mind a little on some things. 

      “I hope Victory in Marriage creates teachable moments for you as it did for me when I wrote it,” Sarah shares. “As you read, consult scriptures and prayerfully take your time reading, and contact me to discuss any discrepancies, concerns, or inspiring moments further with me.” 

      “Victory in Marriage is filled with beautifully written, authentic advice of how to do marriage well. Sarah covers a multitude of topics and consistently points to Jesus through each subject.” 

      — Mat and Est - Christian Vloggers

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