Vagus Nerve

- The Missing Link To Treating Chronic Illness, Inflammation, Anxiety, Depression And Recover From Trauma (With Practical Exercises To Stimulate It And Unleash Your Healing Power)


Vagus Nerve
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A little-known cranial nerve can treat physical illnesses and help manage stress, tension, reduce depression and cognitive disorders. Have you ever heard of it?

It's the Vagus Nerve which can control your health, your hormones and therefore your emotions and your happiness.

Scientists and doctors are now getting more and more interested in this secret nerve which has the potential to treat inflammation-related diseases, depression, anxiety and even cancer.

How could a single nerve be resposible for so many different diseases? What effects could this nerve possibly employ? As this nerve have such a vast array of potential functions, what would happen if it were injured or cut? Could you control it?

These questions will all be answered in this book.

Through this book you will: discover new findings about the positive relaxation and calming effects of traditional movements, exercises and other techniques that influence the Vagus Nerve.learn easy exercises useful to interact with the vagus nerve and turn on its positive influences on the parasympathetic nervous system.get a jumpstart using movements such as yoga poses and stretches that are available even without lessons or professional instruction.learn to manage your breathing with proven inhaling and exhaling techniques that almost immediately engage and activate the Vagus easy ways to practice meditation and initiate the relaxation response almost anywhere and at any time.understand how you can massage the thoracic nerve nexus in your neck to activate the vagus nerve and induce rapid calming of your heart, respiration and digestive system.see how some people are applying cold therapy to their faces and bodies to send an immediate signal to the Vagus Nerve and calm things down.

Are You Ready? It's high time you met and managed the Vagus Nerve which is the longest, most influential component of your central nervous system. Take control over your mind, your body and your sense of self and well-being.

There is no reason to delay your action to heal your body and mind.

What are you waiting for? Scroll up and get your copy NOW

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