Using Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003

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Using Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003
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Using Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003

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    Allow me to first say one of the most important things I'll tell you in this book--thanks Months of work went into producing this book, and I really appreciate your spending your hard-earned money (or your small business's hard-won capital) on this work. I hope it exceeds your expectations. With that out of the way, let's look at what you'll find inside this title. Small Business Server is such a large topic, mainly because the product you're interested in is many faceted, with lots of places to poke and prod. I've tried to cover all of the basics, some of the interme- ate topics, and a few of the advanced features of SBS in this book. In Chapter 1, you'll find a general introduction to the premise and promise of SBS 2003, including its components, how it can work for you, business opportunities that it creates, and a list of frequently asked questions. Consultants and business owners alike will find the inf- mation within this chapter useful. Chapter 2 oversees the actual installation process for SBS, including initially formatting the disk, installing Windows Server 2003, and adding the S- specific components to the mix. Then, Chapter 3 looks at initial configuration of SBS services, including adding users and computers, sharing printers, configuring the alerting services, s- ting up the fax components, and generally "moving into" your new SBS server.

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      A server is a computer on a network that manages one's files, e-mail, Internet access, and security, and Microsoft's Small Business Server is for companies that don't need the larger Windows Server 2003 (Enterprise Edition). Appealing to all audiences, this book--written by a recognized authority on Windows network administration--focuses on pragmatic solutions rather than theoretical discussions of SBS deployment.

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