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Urban Pluvial and Coincidental Flooding

Urban Pluvial and Coincidental Flooding
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Bog, hardback
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    Pluvial flooding is defined as flooding that results from rainfall-generated overland flow, before the runoff enters any watercourse or sewer. It is usually associated with high intensity rainfall events (typically >30mm/h) but can also occur with lower intensity rainfall or melting snow where the ground is saturated, frozen, developed or otherwise has low permeability resulting in overland flow and ponding in depressions in the topography. Urban pluvial flooding arises from high intensity 'extreme' rainfall events. In such situations urban underground sewerage/drainage systems and surface watercourses may be completely overwhelmed. This volume deals with the many aspects involved with pluvial and coincidental flooding. It investigates causes and consequences. In order to reduce the impact of this type of flood, it presents various techniques to anticipate and forecast floods. Moreover, it presents way to reduce the impact and consequences, both short and long term. Case studies and instructions for training and education are included as well. The chapters were contributed by experts on the subject, that have been active in flood management and flood impact reduction in many countries. - presents advanced techniques for urban flood date collection, processing, modelling and forecasting - contains contributions on water quality, health impact, vulnerability and socio-economic impact - includes case studies and a part on education and training Table of Contents Introduction - Urban Flooding - A global issue; Types of flooding and their coincidence / interaction with pluvial flooding; Data needs, acquisition and data processing for urban flood modelling and management; Conventional Modelling of floods and interactions 5. Prediction and RTC (Real Time Control) of urban pluvial floods; Water quality and health issues in urban flooding; Urban pluvial flood vulnerability resilience to flooding and urban pluvial flood risk assessment; Towards sustainable solutions for the future; Full scale modelling and implementation issues - Practitioner's (modeller's) experience and views; Case studies; Socio-economical interactions; Education and training issues; After the flood recovery; Conclusions and the way forward; Annex (on CD-ROM) Co-Published with CRC Press

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