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- How to Date Out of Your League


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    1. Beskrivelse

      You need a unique set of skills to get to the heart of your extraordinary mateFollowing on the heels of Leil Lowndess bestselling book How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You, UpDating shows you how to attract a mate who once seemed out of your league. Written in her trademark straight-shooting style, Leil gives you techniques not found anywhere else, such as how to get: A Gorgeous Partner: Dont swoon too soon. Fabulous-looking folks actually like someone better when they seem unimpressed at first. A Wealthy, High-Class Partner: Decorate your home with class, not crass. Youll learn why a TV or the wrong type of carpeting in your living room can knock you out of the running. In fact, take the How Classy Is Your Home? quiz to see where your dwelling stands on the totem pole. A Principled Partner: Dont get caught in one teensy little white lie. One fib and your credibility goes out the door, and the potential mate with integrity soon follows. An Interesting, One-of-a-Kind Partner: Just dont do anything normal. Leil shows you how to be a desirable nut who will win the hearts of those creative types.Best of all, youll learn to make the qualities you want in others become a part of your own life. Youll learn to like yourself better, and so will everyone else. And thats probably the biggest benefit of all.

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