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Ultra Memory Course


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Ultra Memory Course
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  1. Beskrivelse

    The key to unlocking your personal genius is your incredible memory.

    Your personality, identity, what you do, what you say, your thoughts, feelings, knowledge and experience are all a function of your ability to remember. Yet for many of us, our minds are like a sieve and life passes us by - we miss the chance to develop our mind and accomplish more in life because our memory is letting us down. You are capable of so much more! You just need the proper training.

    Not matter what shape your memory is in, you will be astounded at the benefits that memory development with the Ultra Memory course will have on your personal and professional life.

    Imagine having powerful memory skills that enable you to:

    Remember lists of information and get more done

    Quickly memorize endless vocabulary words

    Learn techniques to quickly recall large numbers

    Never again forget birthdays and important dates

    Easily remember names and faces

    Improve your test taking and cut study time in half

    Increase your confidence in any situation

    and much more!

    Why is memory training so essential?

    Memory training is the key to cognitive enhancement. To further develop our mind and be able to memorize easily, we need to restore and integrate our right-brain processes of super memory.

    "Who am I, if not my memories?"?William Calvin

  2. Yderligere info
    136 g
    19 mm
    146 mm
    Blackstone Pub
    Lydbog, CD
    For adult education
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